In Home, Private Health Care, clients and their caregivers have a right to mutual respect and dignity

At Home personnel are prohibited from accepting personal gifts and borrowing from patients/their families/caregivers.

As a Client of At Home, you have the right to:













As a Patient, you have the responsibility to:

• Remain under a physician's care while receiving At Home Agency services.

• Provide At Home Agency with a complete and accurate health history in order to plan and carry out care.

• Inform Agency staff about any changes in your health status, condition or treatment.

• Provide At Home Agency with all requested insurance and financial information/records.

• Sign or have your legal representative sign the required consents and releases for insurance billing.

• Allow At Home Agency to act on your behalf in filing appeals of denied payment of service by third-party payers and to cooperate to the fullest extent possible in such appeals.

• Notify At Home Agency of any changes in treatment made by the physician.

• Participate in your plan of care including, if appropriate, a pain management plan.

• Ask your nurse/therapist what to expect regarding pain and pain management.

• Discuss pain relief options with your nurse/therapist.

• Provide your nurse/therapist with as comprehensive information as possible about your pain and any concerns you may have about pain medications and/or management.

• Be available to At Home Agency staff for home visits at reasonable times.

• Notify At Home Agency if you are going to be unavailable for a visit.

• Treat At Home Agency personnel with respect and dignity without discrimination as to color, religion, sex or national or ethnic origin.

• Provide At Home Agency personnel with a safe home environment in which your care can be provided.

• Cooperate with your physician, At Home Agency staff and other caregivers.

• Inform the Agency if you are unable to understand or follow the Agency’s written instructions.

• Make a family member or substitute available who will assume a primary caregiver role when Agency staff are not in your home.